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          1. Welcome SANCHOW?CHEMICALS?CO.,?LTD HomePage!
            Serive Tel:13928160655
            contact us

            Sanchow Chemicals Co., Ltd is a private owned high-tech company, with the excellent capacity in R&D, production and marketing. It is located in Liuliping town, Shiyan city, Hubei province, China, with about 10000 square meters of plant area.

            There is a group of high-quality personnel in company. They have rich experiences in FRP processes, especially in pultrusion process, and solid theoretical foundation in chemistry and composite. Benefit from the combination of theory and practices, the company can continuously develop advanced additives for FRP.

            The company has gained the certification of ISO 9001:2000.

            The main products provided by the company are: liquid internal mold releases for pultrusion, liquid internal mold release for SMC/BMC, and polyethylene fine powder ( a kind of excellent low profile additive). The company promises to provide high-quality products with quick services for our customers.